O’Chang Comics at Rolling Fatties Thursday, January 4

Now that Christmas is over, are you looking for something fun and free to do? Need a laugh? If you haven’t heard of Temp Tales, you should make sure the kids aren’t around and Google it right now. Temp Tales are the animated stories of Maine life and seasonal work.These short cartoon videos are funny, capturing the conversations, lingo, and creators’ experiences working jobs on the coast of Maine. From “Meat Recall” to “Stahmageddon” to “Smelt’n”, any Mainer knows these kinds of shenanigans are a regular day here in Maine.

“No s#@t! Temp Tales at Rollin’ Fatties! You got snowmobile parking?” Evan Agren says getting fired up about the event. “You ready for some BRAAAP BRAAAAAAAP? You friggin’ better be!”

Hanji Chang and Andy O’Brien, creators of Temp Tales, will be at Rolling Fatties to answer your questions, tell their story, sell merch, drum up support for their proposed full-length animated movie, and do whatevah. Mahk your friggin’ calendahs for JANUARY 4th from 6:30-8pm and come chum it up!

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